About us

Novaforest OÜ started

its activities in 1998. Initially the main activity of the company was truck repairs. Year-by-year the number of orders related with the superstructure increased and these are also dominant.

In 2003 we got a new repair-mechanics workshop, which is specially designed to handle trucks and issues related thereto.

In 2006 we acquired the manufacturer’s warranty representation rights for the NORBA waste press. Environmental technology is a constantly developing industry branch following new directives, which the employees of our company are familiar with as they participate in the training courses organised by the manufacturer.

In 2007 our service package was widened by the warranty service of ROLFO car transport trailers, which adds competency to our activities and widens the spectrum of our customers.

Customers always get the correct and knowledgeable service from us they expect.

Our success is based on speed, trust and guarantee.